Dr. Anderson Has Experience Treating a Variety of Issues
Relationship Struggles (Family, Co-workers, Friends)
Christian Counseling & Religious Issues
Adjustments & Life Transitions
Sadness & Depression
Anxiety (Fears, Phobias, Social Anxiety, Persistent Worry)
Low Self-esteem
Stress Management
Trauma & Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
Women’s Issues
...And more!
Psychological Services & Treatment Modalities
Individual Therapy - Dr. Anderson collaborates with her clients to help meet their goals to living happier, more fulfilling lives in all spheres. Both long-term and short-term therapy services are offered, depending on the client’s presenting concerns and treatment goals.
Group Therapy - Dr. Anderson has extensive training and experience in group therapy, and views this treatment modality as another great tool in the journey of healing and health. Dr. Anderson provides psychoeducational and interpersonal, dynamic group therapy options.
Telemental Health/Online Therapy - Dr. Anderson also provides online (video) therapy services for clients, which has recently been a growing field in the world of psychology. Telemental Health services can be useful to individuals who live in rural areas, work unconventional or busy work hours, or who are unable to leave their homes. Dr. Anderson uses a HIPPA compliant platform for her online therapy services.
Psychological Testing - Psychological testing can highlight core components and traits of individuals’ personalities and overall psychological functioning. As a Licensed Clinical Psychologist, Dr. Anderson provides psychological evaluations that can help better inform treatment and psychological interventions, especially when clients and/or therapists feel "stuck."
Couples Therapy - Couples therapy provides an effective way to enhance relationships by creating stronger connections through techniques such as improving communication skills & developing conflict resolution skills, to name a few.
Premarital Counseling - If you are considering marriage, premarital counseling is highly recommended to prepare for your life together with a partner by exploring, addressing, and discussing important topics such as finances, family/children, communication, building intimacy, etc.