Get Started
Dr. Anderson provides a 10-minute free phone consultation to help determine whether she is the best fit to help you. Once you decide to move forward, the first appointment will be a 50-60 minute clinical interview where she will ask you questions such as your presenting concerns, past treatment history and struggles, and treatment goals which will provide her with a good overall clinical picture and help her collaborate with you on an effective treatment plan. Thereafter, follow-up therapy sessions will follow that are about 45-50 minutes long. It is highly recommended that you complete the initial paperwork prior to your first visit to facilitate the process. To arrange your first appointment or find out more about Dr. Anderson’s work, please call her at (770) 674-8257 or e-mail her at She makes her best effort to respond to voicemail and e-mail within 24-48 hours. Her voicemail and e-mail are only accessible to her.